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Last Minute Cape Cod Vacation Planning

Cape Cod Lighthouse - New Seabury Vacation Home Rentals

I have been doing this for 15 years. And here is an interesting phenomenon I see - the longer, harder the winter, the later folks take to get out and book their summer vacation rental.

Oh, they can't wait to get out of snow country for Spring Break to the islands, so that happens on schedule. But when it comes to summer vacation, many folks wait for that alarm clock that sounds when the weather starts to warm up a bit. These people just get up one morning and say "Wow, it's starting to feel like Summer today. Summer!? Whoa, we have no plans yet for summer vacation!" And then they start looking for what's out there.

So what about 2018? Well, if you are like us and live in the North, there has been basically no Spring this year. Winter somehow fast-forwarded right into Summer over the past week And guess what? The March / April vacation planners just became May / June planners.

Not to worry. This year there are still some rental properties on the market because so many people waited this year. New Seabury Vacation Homes even has a bit of availability for Summer this year. But the last minute rush has hit here for sure, so now is a good time to get in gear. Though we still have a bit of availability for Summer 2018, I am turning some folks away now unless they have some flexibility in dates or want to get a jump on Fall or next Summer.

Are you late this year? I know Cape Cod very well, and I know the rental websites, lots of realtors and other sources of vacation rentals, so feel free to reach out. I still take all calls, emails, texts and am happy to help people find other rentals if I can.

Here's to a long Summer 2018 (maybe it will last until November this year....?) !


Want to Visit Cape Cod?

New Seabury Vacation Home Rentals - Cape Code, Massachusetts

At New Seabury Vacation Home Rentals, we offer accommodations at our luxury vacation rentals on Cape Cod within steps to the fabulous beaches.

Perfect for large groups, corporate getaways, weddings, and family reunions.

Contact us for information on our fantastic vacation homes!

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