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Do I Need to Book Family Reunion Vacation Homes Far in Advance?

In a word, yes.

I know. Renting a home via the web these days is quick and there are so many options - right up until last minute, in some cases. Not necessarily so, if you are organizing for a family reunion, especially on Cape Cod. Why is it that, you ask?

Short supply vs. demand of large homes. While the number of available vacation homes for rent does grow every year, so does the number of vacationers looking to rent them. And, from what travelers tell me all the time, the demand has outpaced the supply.

Lots of relatives to convince, and schedules to block. Every day, I talk to the "lucky" person responsible for picking the reunion home for their big family trip. "This is like herding cats!", I hear all the time. Who's in, who's out? One group wants the beach, the other wants golf. It goes on and on. The reason people do reunions is because they are so busy during the year that this gives them at least one occasion when they get to see each other in a relaxed setting. Well, busy people's work and normal family schedules book way in advance. Often there may be only one or two time slots that actually work for everyone in a large group. The bigger the group, the less flexibility on the dates.

Simply put, waiting too long almost always means having to sacrifice something - the week you need, the property everyone agrees to, the location, etc. I feel awful when someone calls, the week they want is available, and after they finally get consensus and want to move forward, the slot has been taken. The work created to change schedules or find another property at that point can be very painful.

So, here's my suggestion for getting the property you want, in the location you want, during the time slot you need :

  • Good: Start researching just before the holidays, have a short list of properties ready, and try to get consensus while everyone is together. It can be a fun and exciting family conversation over a Turkey dinner.

  • Better: Get out there early, as much as a year in advance. Get "your" place before someone else does.

  • Best: When you find the place that works out great for everyone, consider re-booking for the following year before everyone leaves and gets caught up in life again.

Don't forget to have fun with the process, though. The family memories you create will make you glad you put in the time and effort.

I am always happy to help you through the process and answer any questions. Feel free to reach out.


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